Several APIs for NLP / NLU / IA tasks have been implemented to facilitate the management of linguistic / cultural resources and for collaboration between academics:

  • Collaborative dictionary
  • Automatic conjugation
  • Automatic translation
  • Auto summary
  • Text generation
  • Chatbot
  • Opinion Mining
  • Language analysis

The creation of a language and culture teaching platform to integrate all existing tools.

Automatic translation API

Just like the major automated translation platforms (Google translate, IBM translate, etc.), this two-way translation API for African languages -> African languages, African languages -> Foreign languages and foreign languages -> African languages, will allow you to quickly find the best translation of the desired word thanks to our optimized algorithms.

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Conjugation API

Automatically conjugating verbs in African languages becomes more than easy thanks to this API.

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TAL API based on AI

Behind this API, we offer a sum of tools for automatic processing of African languages. It opens right to tools like tokenizeur, tagger, lemmatizeur. And others as tools for phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis

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